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Real Birth Workshops

Welcome to Real Birth- no gimmicks, no tricks. Simply giving you the real information, the real strategies, the real research-based knowledge to birth YOUR way.

One day workshops, for mums-to-be and their birth partners, are designed to support you in a more confident and empowered birth journey. By understanding how your body works through each stage of the birth process, you can experience these unforgettable moments feeling more comfortable and having more control. 

I'm Zoë. I'm a mummy of two boys and a Real Birth Teacher. I had two extremely different birth experiences- physically and mentally- and understand you may be apprehensive, excited, nervous, overwhelmed, on top of the world... and a million other emotions leading up to the birth of your baby!  I have the specialist training to help you prepare for your birth in a way that is less daunting, very open and honest. Using recent global research and evidence, I will take you on a journey of birth which may just revolutionise your baby's arrival into the world. I'll explain the how's and why's; help you understand your rights and choices and work with you and your birth partner on creating a realistic and effective birth plan. Whether this is your first birth or one of many, let's work together to make these incredible moments whatever YOU want them to be. You and your baby deserve it.

Oh and one more thing: You can relax knowing you are in safe hands! All Real Birth Teacher training is accredited by the RCM- Royal College of Midwives and FEDANT- Federation of Antenatal Educators.

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I'm Zoë,
The Real Birth Teacher

Welcome to your Real Birth journey.

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